Fishing in Tamasos

The Tamasos reservoir is located in the Nicosia region, on the road to the Macheras mountain range, near the villages of Pera and Kampia.

The reservoir is relatively young – the construction of the dam was completed in 2002.

Despite its small size, Tamasos is distinguished by a variety of bottom structure and the presence of aquatic vegetation, which in turn has a positive effect on the black bass population. Some of the local fishing gurus believe that this is where the largest black bass in Cyprus can be caught. From the confirmed facts, there are cases of catching a 3.4 kg bass, which is an excellent trophy not only for Cyprus, but also for Europe as a whole.

The proximity of the reservoir to the capital and convenient access to the water makes the Tamasos reservoir one of the most popular places for recreational fishing, and therefore the fishing “pressure” is quite significant here.

General Information About the Reservoir:

  • Max Capacity (millions m3): 2,800
  • Dam wall height (m): 34
  • Year of construction: 2002

How to get there:

Distance and driving time from main cities:

  • Limassol – 68km (84 min)
  • Paphos – 149km (107 min)
  • Larnaca – 54km (51 min)
  • Agia Napa – 85km (68 min)
  • Nicosia – 26km (42 min)

The water level in Tamasos Reservoir:

  • Hover over the chart for more details
  • Data is updated daily, excluding weekends and holidays

Tamasos Reservoir Photo Gallery

Tamasos Reservoir from air

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Black Bass Fishing in Tamasos

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