Fishing in Kouris

The Kouris reservoir is located near Limassol on the road to Troodos. It is the largest freshwater reservoir in Cyprus, twice the size of Asprocremos, which is the second largest. The dam wall was built in 1988 at an altitude of about 250 meters above sea level at the intersection of 3 rivers – Kouris, Limnatis and Krios. In addition, surplus water from the Arminu reservoir is pumped to Kouris through a 15 km tunnel. The dimensions of the dam wall are impressive – it is 110 meters high and 550 meters long.

During the construction of the dam, the whole village of Alassa had to be relocated, which now sits on a hill nearby. A vivid reminder of the former settlement remains an old church, flooded every time the water level gets high.

In the entire history of its existence, the Kouris reservoir was overflowed only three times, in 2004, in 2012, and in 2020.

Басс на Кипре, Курис 3

General Information About the Reservoir:

  • Max Capacity (millions m3): 115,000
  • Dam wall height (m): 110
  • Year of construction: 1988

How to get there:

Distance and driving time from main cities:

  • Limassol – 16km (18 min)
  • Paphos – 64km (49 min)
  • Larnaca – 83km (63 min)
  • Agia Napa – 128km (88 min)
  • Nicosia – 99km (75 min)

The water level in Kouris Reservoir:

  • Hover over the chart for more details
  • Data is updated daily, excluding weekends and holidays

Kouris Reservoir Photo Gallery

Kouris Reservoir from air

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Black Bass Fishing in Kouris

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