Fishing in Asprocremos

Asprokremos is the second-largest reservoir in Cyprus. Built on the Xeros River at an altitude of about 100 meters above sea level, 16 km east of Paphos city, near the airport. The name is translated from Greek as “white rocks”. The reservoir has a very long coastline. Unlike other reservoirs in Cyprus, it is difficult to go around the reservoir during one fishing day, especially when the water level is high.

The construction of the dam began in 1976 and ended 6 years later in 1982. The dimensions of the dam wall are impressive – 53m high, 220m wide, and 700m long.

From the time it was the Asprocremos reservoir was built, it has overflowed 6 times (in 1988, 1989, 2004, 2012, 2019 and 2020). At the same time, even in the driest years, the water level remained high enough to maintain a good population of black bass and baitfish.

Another distinctive feature of the Asprocremos reservoir is the presence of alburno (small baitfish similar to bleak), which forms huge schools, and which black bass feeds on, having an impact on the peculiarities of its behavior.

Аспрокремос Уклейка

General Information About the Reservoir:

  • Max Capacity (millions m3): 52,375
  • Dam wall height (m): 53
  • Year of construction: 1982

How to get there:

Distance and driving time from main cities:

  • Limassol – 54km (40 min)
  • Paphos – 19km (19 min)
  • Larnaca – 120km (85 min)
  • Agia Napa – 165km (109 min)
  • Nicosia – 140km (96 min)

The water level in Asprocremos Reservoir:

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  • Data is updated daily, excluding weekends and holidays

Asprocremos Reservoir Photo Gallery

Asprocremos Reservoir from above

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Black Bass Fishing in Asprocremos

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Please note that there are some areas in Asprocremos reservoir where fishing is prohibited. This is the area around the dam wall and water treatment tower. Check here for more details.

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