Fishing in Arminou

Arminou (in Greek Αρμίνου) – is a village in the Paphos region, on the road to Troodos, located on the Dhiarizos River, which is the second-largest river in Cyprus. The Arminou reservoir was built on the Diarizos River and opened in December 1998. According to data provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, the reservoir has a capacity of 4.3 million cubic meters with a dam height of 45 meters and a length of 194 meters. It is not known exactly when the black bass was introduced into this reservoir. According to the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research, the black bass is still not on the list of species inhabiting Arminou. But it is definitely there (see photo below) and its population is quite large and healthy!

General Information About the Reservoir:

  • Max Capacity (millions m3): 4,300
  • Dam wall height (m): 45
  • Year of construction: 1998

How to get there:

Distance and driving time from main cities:

  • Limassol – 50km (55 min)
  • Paphos – 52km (59 min)
  • Larnaka – 117km (99 min)
  • Agia Napa – 162km (125 min)
  • Nicosia – 133km (111 min)

The water level in Arminou Reservoir

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  • Data is updated daily, excluding weekends and holidays

Arminou Reservoir Photo Gallery

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Black Bass Fishing in Arminou

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