Fishing in Cyprus Freshwater Reservoirs

It’s hard to believe, but the list of reservoirs published on the official website of the Department of Water Resources consists of 108 reservoirs. Upon closer inspection, however, it turns out that many of them are very small dams for collecting rainwater, which dry up already at the beginning of summer. We are primarily interested in large (non-drying) reservoirs with a good population of Black Bass. There are about 20 such reservoirs in Cyprus.

The first reservoir in Cyprus was built back in 1900 near the village of Kouklia. Most of the other dams were built in 1970’s and 1980’s, after Cyprus gained its independence.

Main freshwater reservoirs in Cyprus

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View the full list of reservoirs here.

View the list of reservoirs where fishing is permitted in the current year here.

Water level interactive chart

The chart below indicates the total water level in all freshwater reservoirs in Cyprus, which are on the balance of the Water Department (source of information here)

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  • Data is updated daily, excluding weekends and holidays

Freshwater fishing in Cyprus

A fishing license must be obtained prior to start fishing in Cyprus freshwater reservoirs. Fishing without the license is subject to heavy fines or even imprisonment.

The cost of the license today is 35 euros (for all reservoirs) or 17 euros (for one of the reservoirs). Valid until the end of the calendar year.

Here are the basic rules in brief. For more details read here:

  • fishing is allowed only from banks, any boats are strictly prohibited
  • only one rod with one hook per person
  • night fishing is prohibited
  • daily catch limits must be adhered to
  • sale of fish is prohibited
  • making fires, putting up tents, throwing away garbage is prohibited
  • Cars should be placed no closer than 15 meters from the water

If you are interested in black bass fishing, contact us. I will be happy to help you get a license and organize your trip to the reservoir.

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