Cyprus Fishing License Conditions

Fishing without a license is strictly prohibited in Cyprus freshwater reservoirs. Compliance with the license conditions and regulations is mandatory.

Fishing is allowed only in reservoirs open for fishing. The list of reservoirs opened in 2021 can be found here.

Fishing without a license or breaking the rules may result in a fine of up to € 8,542 and/or 6 months in prison.

Правила рыбной ловли

Recreational Fishing Regulations

Fishing License (Permit) for Freshwater Reservoirs:

  • Licenses are issued to persons over 12 years old. To issue a license to persons between the ages of 12 and 18, the written consent of their parents or guardian is required. Persons under the age of 12 are only allowed to fish if their name is entered on their parent’s or guardian’s license. Minors must wear a life jacket when fishing.
  • When fishing, you must have a license and an identity document with you.

Time of Fishing:

  • Not earlier than one hour before sunrise and not later than one hour after sunset.
  • It is forbidden to carry any fishing gear to the shore of the reservoir earlier than one hour and a half before sunrise, and later than one hour and a half after sunset.

Fishing Methods:

  • Fishing is allowed only with rod and line
  • Only one rod per person
  • Fishing with a line with more than one hook is prohibited. The triple hook counts as one. In the case of using a spinning rod for catching predatory fish, factory-made artificial lures with more than one hook are allowed.
  • All other fishing methods, fishing gear, or devices, including flashlights or other lighting fixtures, fishing nets, trolling, or chemicals, are prohibited.
  • Fishing in the reservoirs is allowed only from the shore.
  • Use of any remote control devices for the purpose of fishing or as an aid to fishing is prohibited.

Daily Catch Limits:

  • It is forbidden to catch and keep with you more than two basses, two carp, two pike perch, five trout, and one sturgeon during one day (yes, the sturgeon is also mentioned in the conditions, although in Cyprus it is not available in public water bodies).
  • The total number of fish should not exceed 10 pieces
  • It is forbidden to catch and keep with you
    • bass less than 30 cm
    • pike perch less than 30 cm
    • trout less than 20 cm
    • carp less than 30 cm
    • sturgeon less than 70 cm
  • Size is measured from the tip of the head to the tip of the tail
  • In case of catching a smaller fish, it is necessary to return the fish to the water, trying to cause it as little harm as possible.

Catch & Release:

  • In the period from March to April, fishing for bass and carp is carried out strictly according to the principle of “catch and release”, ie. returning these fish species back to the reservoir is mandatory.
  • At the Achna and Polemidia reservoirs, the ban on keeping any fish is in effect all year round. All caught fish must be carefully removed from the hook and returned alive in the reservoir.
  • A special provision applies to fishing for pike – in case of catching fish of this species, it is forbidden to return it back to the reservoir (pike is considered an invasive species illegally imported to Cyprus, therefore it is subject to mandatory removal).
  • The sale of freshwater fish is prohibited.

Environment Protection:

  • It is forbidden to park motor vehicles at a distance of fewer than 15 meters from the coastline.
  • It is forbidden to throw garbage into the reservoir or disturb the soil or vegetation on its banks.
  • It is forbidden to make fire, camp, or leave trash on the banks of the reservoir.

Provision of Information:

  • All fishermen are obliged to provide the Fisheries and Marine Research Department staff with information related to fishing in the reservoir that they deem appropriate to request.
  • In order to report illegal fishing, you should contact the numbers below
    • On weekdays from 7:30 to 15:00
      • Nicosia: +357 22807853
      • Limassol: +357 25827277 or +357 24817097
      • Paphos: +357 26821677
      • Larnaca: +357 24304294 or +357 23834170
    • On weekdays from 15:00 to 18:30 and on weekends from 06:00 to 18:30
      • +357 99489641

The list of Reservoirs Where Fishing is Allowed in 2021

Nicosia District

  • Kafizes
  • Lefka (part of)
  • Palechori
  • Ksiliatos (part of)
  • Limpia
  • Tamassos
  • Klirou (part of)

Limassol District

Larnaca District

Paphos District

Please note that some reservoirs have areas where fishing is prohibited. Usually, this is the area of the dam wall. Before going to a specific body of water, study the attached drawings in order to avoid possible troubles (sorry for the quality of the images, this is how they are provided by the Fishery Department).


Где ловить на Аспрокремосе

It is forbidden to fish in the area marked in black (the dam, the first bay to the right, and to the left of the dam 100 meters from the tower).


Где ловить на Канавью

It is forbidden to fish near tower, on the dam wall and in a 100-meter zone from the dam wall (the distance is measured from the water's edge at the maximum filling of the reservoir).


Где ловить на Ахне

It is forbidden to fish in the upper part of the reservoir (nature reserve area for migratory birds). Fishing is allowed only near the dam wall, at a distance of no more than 400 meters.


Где ловить на Клиру

It is forbidden to fish near tower, on the dam wall and in a 100-meter zone from the dam wall (the distance is measured from the water's edge at the maximum filling of the reservoir).


Где ловить на Ксилиатосе

It is forbidden to fish in areas fenced with a net (habitat of a rare water snake).


Где ловить на Лефке

It is forbidden to fish in areas marked in black (military camp).

The following reservoirs are closed for fishing in 2021: Kalopanaiotis, Vyzakia, and (from Jan to Jun) Achna

Fishing License cost and where to purchase it

  • The cost of the license as of today (2021) is € 35 for all reservoirs and € 17 for one reservoir. The license is valid until the end of the calendar year, regardless of the month in which it was purchased.
  • You can purchase a license from the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research, which has representative offices in every city. See addresses below.
  • If you have already bought a license in the past, you can renew it for a new season at To do this, you need to register on the website, go to the appropriate section (Ερασιτεχνική Άδεια Αλιειάς σε Υδατοφράκτη / ες), and indicate the document number for which the original license was made (bill number = fisherman ID).


Address: 101 Vithleem Street, 2033 Nicosia

Tel: +357 22 807 807

Google Maps link:


Address: Voukourestiou & Theodektou Corner, Limassol

Tel: +357 25 817 312

Google Maps link:


Address: 1 Posidonos street, Paphiana Complex, Flat 106, Paphos

Tel: +357 26 821 677

Mob: +357 99 489642

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Address: Tasou Mitsopoulou Avenue (Fishing Shelter), Larnaca

Tel: +357 24 823 407

Mob: +357 99 489 645

Google Maps link:

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