Fishing in Kalavasos in September 2019

Black bass fishing at the Kalavasos reservoir this year turned out to be quite successful. I visited this reservoir more often than usual since it was here that the next stage of the Cyprus Bass Fishing Championship took place (organized by the Cyprus Freshwater Angling Association).

The efforts were not in vain – the spot shown in the photo below produced 18 keepers, 6 of which were “bonus” size, i.e. more than 40 cm long. This was enough to win the competition and get another “piece of wood” in the collection. All fishes were caught on my own hand-made spinnerbaits

Калавасос на кануне соревнований

Хотите попробовать половить басса на Кипре?

Свяжитесь с нами удобным для вас способом

крупный басс на Эврету, Кипр