Black Bass Fishing in Cyprus

Friends, freshwater fishing in Cyprus, and especially black (large-mouth) bass fishing, is a must-have experience.
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Why Black Bass fishing in Cyprus is so special?

Fishing in Cyprus, and freshwater fishing for black bass (aka large-mouth bass) in particular, is an unique opportunity to get acquainted with this amazing species. Black bass is an extremely popular target in the world sport fishing community. Hundreds of bass fishing competitions are held annually around the world, with huge prize pools and lots of attention from the public and media. The world fishing tackle industry is, to a very large extent, affected by feeding habits of this predator – most of freshwater fishing lures are designed specifically for black bass fishing. Also, it is one of the most versatile predators, and therefore a large number of different fishing techniques can be applied. All this makes black bass a desirable trophy for many anglers. There are only few places in Europe to experience this kind of fishing, and Cyprus is definitely one of the best and most affordable.

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Fishing Guide Services in Cyprus

Recreational fishing is a hobby of millions of people around the world. For many, this is an opportunity to escape from the daily hustle and bustle, enjoy good times with friends, or, conversely, spend some time alone in the lap of nature.

Normally, every fisherman has his own favorite bodies of water and his own “secret” fishing spots. This is not the case if you want to try fishing in a new location and/or catching new species that are not found in your home country. In this situation, it is worth relying on local fishing guide services. A professional guide will organize the whole process for you: choose the most suitable reservoir and time, provide you with all necessary equipment, and share his local expertise with you.

If you want to try guided fishing in Cyprus, take the opportunity to fish with a local bass fishing champion. A good day on the water is guaranteed. With our experienced guide, you will not waste time looking for good fishing spots and the most appropriate fishing techniques specific to the local conditions. In addition, you will not have to bother about transportation, fishing gear, fishing license, etc.

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Want to try large-mouth bass fishing in Cyprus?

You have an opportunity to do that with a former world champion and multiple-times local bass fishing champion.

Your Fishing Guide

Dmitry Brylev is an avid fisherman, professional fishing guide, sportsman, and has been actively fishing since his childhood. His first childhood memories are associated with fishing.

Dmitry specializes in Black Bass fishing with artificial lures. Takes part in all local bass fishing competitions. Multiple-time Cyprus bass fishing champion. Has extensive experience in international bass fishing competitions. In 2013 he became the world champion in bass fishing with the Russian national team. Native Russian, for the last 20 years he has been living and practicing this type of fishing in Cyprus. He knows very well all the freshwater reservoirs of Cyprus and their specifics. Dmitry will be happy to share his vast knowledge and experience in bass fishing with you.

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Learning Bass Fishing with a Professional Guide in Cyprus

There are many nuances in bass fishing. This is a rather complicated and tricky business, which may be difficult to handle without a competent and experienced local guide. There are many factors to consider, such as

  • Seasonal bass feeding patterns
  • The water level in Cyprus freshwater reservoirs
  • Access to water and passability of the banks
  • Baitfish availability in specific reservoirs
  • Weather conditions

A professional fishing guide with extensive experience in bass fishing in Cyprus will help you to understand these intricacies and adjust accordingly.

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5 Benefits of Fishing with a Guide


1. Individual approach to each client

The information provided is adjusted to your skill level. We introduce beginners to the basics of bass fishing, while with experienced fishermen we deep dive into subtleties of bass fishing relevant to Cyprus reservoirs and specific time of the year. We will tell you about all the main bass fishing techniques and types of lures used for catching black bass;

2. Fishing Gear & Lures 

If you happen to come to Cyprus without fishing tackle, no worries. We will provide all necessary equipment – rods, reels, lures, etc. All our fishing tackle is high-quality and tested on numerous fishing trips and on the battlefields of the local Cyprus Bass Fishing Championship.

3. Fishing License & Local Terms of Fishing

Local authorities have established terms & conditions for recreational fishing. Fines and, in some cases, imprisonment are imposed on violators. With a professional fishing guide, you will not have to waste time searching and studying the rules established by the local authorities. All the necessary information will be provided by our guide prior to starting your bass fishing journey.  Also, for the convenience of our clients, we take care of obtaining required fishing licenses.

4. Transfer 

We will arrange the transfer from the place of your residence in Cyprus, in any city, to the selected freshwater reservoir and back.

5. Pleasant Company 

While on the road, you will enjoy a guided tour around Cyprus. We will talk about local culture, everyday life, cuisine, etc. And of course about fishing, i.e. latest news from local waters, sport fishing, bass fishing in Cyprus and other countries.

Our goal is to take all the hassle away from you, so you can truly relax and enjoy fishing in Cyprus.

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